Dave Seibert Dave Seibert
Industry Leader and Influencer
I appreciate the opportunity to better engage together. Allow me to share strategic information with you.

My 35 year career has been focused on technology and business. I have held many impactful positions in Fortune 50, National IT Franchises, Solution Providers, and Startups. I'm also deeply engaged with many national technology organizations and leading industry communities.

I am blessed to be recognized with over 45 industry awards. I've been included in 6 industry books, 6 national magazines, and multiple media agency listings. I am a leader as president and board member in multiple technology organizations.

As CIO of IT Innovators, a technology reseller and Business Specialist of 20 years, I have strategic insight as I am part of the channel. I understand it from a vendor relationship, an IT Pro and a partner perspective. I am also an active industry speaker, author, column writer, and can be seen quoted in trade publications.

My purpose is to influence and modernize our technology channel through leveraging my resources, expertise, and relationships. I contribute my value by connecting people, companies and technology together.



SMB Technology Network  SMB Technology Network (SMBTN)
SMB Technology Network


SMBTN is a national organization of solution providers, MSPs, VARs, Cloud, Application Platforms, Developers, Training, and IT Pros. We have over 6,000 members. The organization also has international members.

I'm also the President of the California group in Orange County, which is the largest chapter in the nation.


SoCal IT Pro  SoCal IT Pro Association
SoCal IT Pro


SoCal IT Pro's is a group membership of IT Pros. The membership audience is focused on mid-market with a mix of enterprise. The group has over 1000 members. Our members include IT executives, managers, administrators, cloud admins, and consultants that service this business sector. The group is 13 years established.

I'm also the President of Orange County, California which is the largest chapter in the nation.


IAMCP SoCal  International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP-SoCal)


IAMCP is a global organization of Microsoft Partners spanning international to 46 US Chapters. SoCal is the largest & fastest growing chapter in the U.S. The SoCal membership base is largely Silver and Gold Partners with a breadth of competencies. The SoCal group has 150+ members. Our members include all Microsoft markets, IT principals, executives, and consultants. Our group is 7 years established.

I am the President of Orange County, California which is the largest chapter in the nation. I'm also a IAMCP US Board member.


ProTier  ProTier Peer Groups


Building Dream Teams to Accelerate Business Growth

ProTier Peer Groups are groups of elite partners with a focused business goal to accelerate their companies to the next level. They leverage their combined experience and best practices to achieve greater success within their executive forums.


IT Innovators  IT Innovators
IT Innovators


IT Innovators is a leading business technology solution provider. We are headquartered in Southern California and have been servicing clients for 20 years.

Are team is blessed with receiving over 40 industry awards. We leverage our knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the highest level of service and care. Our mission is to help our clients business prosper and grow. We accomplish this through fine tuning their operations, increasing their efficiency, stabilizing their budget, reducing their business risk, and forming a strong relationship between our company team and their company team.



SMB Techfest  SMB TechFest SMB TechFest


SMB TechFest California's largest quarterly technology conference. The event has celebrated over 30 successful conferences. In attendance are technology owners, executives, VARs, MSPs, Cloud, Security, Resellers, Telecomm, and more. Over 4,000 industry attendees have experienced SMB TechFest. It continues to expand every quarter.

SMB TechFest has expert speakers in marketing, sales, operations, and technology. The event includes our 12,000 sqft Expo Hall, IT Mixer, Awards, Raffles, meals, wine/beer, vendor solutions, and more. Enjoy our onsite exotic race cars as our theme is Accelerate at SMB TechFest.


SMB 150 Logo  SMB 150
SMB 150


The SMB 150 Awards recognizes leaders in our industry who have made a significant impact in the worldwide SMB channel. A SMB 150 influencer is a person that has made a meaningful and lasting impact in our industry. Each year these industry leaders are nominated, selected, and recognized.


SMB 150 Logo  IT CEO Success Summit
IT CEO Success Summit


IT CEO Success Summit conference. Five leading business IT coaches have combined their talents to deliver live one-day executive events. The Coaches are James Kernan, Karl Palachuk, Manuel Palachuk, Dave Seibert, and Erick Simpson.

The events focuse entirely on providing top-level information that IT professionals can implement immediately.



Meetup - SoCal IT Pro Association
Meetup - SoCal IT Pro Association


SoCal IT Pro Association is the largest gathering of IT mid-market and enterprise users. We have 1,000+ members with over 800 Meetup. The group focuses on the needs and education for CIO's, IT Directors, IT Managers, Server Admins, Network Admins, Cloud Admins, and all technology professionals within the IT department. Join other IT Professionals and network, learn, share issues, find solutions, and enhance your career.


Meetup - SoCal Solutions Providers
Meetup – SoCal Solutions Providers


SoCal Solution Providers is the largest gathering of technology Resellers. We have 500+ members with over 250 in Meetup. The group focuses on Solutions Providers, Consultants, MSP's, Cloud, Developers, Application Platform providers, Telecomm, Training Centers, and more. If you are involved in reselling technology solutions to business, then this group is for you. Join other resellers to network, learn, find solutions, partner together, close larger projects together, and more.


Meetup - SMB TechFest IT Mixer
Meetup – SMB TechFest IT Mixer


SMB TechFest is the largest quarterly technology conference in California. We have over 4,000 technology partners participate in the events and over 450 in Meetup. The conference is open to all technology focused resellers, consultants, Solution Providers, MSP's, Cloud, Developers, Application Providers, Telecomm, Training, IT Professionals, and more.

The event occurs each quarter and includes expert sessions, a 12,000 sqft Expo Hall, an IT Mixers, food, bar with wine and beer, raffle prizes, and more. It is ideal for technnology professionals U.S. wide. If you are unable to travel, the event is also live video broadcasted U.S. and worldwide.



Industry Influence and Non-Profit

IAMCP - International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners is the world's largest organization of Microsoft Partners. It has 100's of chapters throughout the world and over 40 chapters in the United States. The partners span all Microsoft competencies including Dynamics, Hosting, Solutions Providers, Training partners, Cloud partners, ISV, MSP, and more.

After completing my term on the US Board, I then engaged on the MIST team (Microsoft Strategic Team).


SBA - Small Business Administration
SBA – Small Business Administration

Microsoft selected us to be a pilot program presenter for the Small Business Administration business training series. These technology seminars were produced for the largest SBA chapter in the US. The program's success was expanded and publicized for the SBA nationally.

View the a YouTube recorded session at http://bit.ly/1rTQ8tF. Also visit the SBA Tech Tips site at http://1.usa.gov/27cIOtM.

Orange County Talk Radio
Orange County Public Talk Radio

Talk Radio is a broadcast event that reaches businesses throughout Orange County and Southern California. A marketplace ranked 6th in the nation. I have been invited to speak on several shows including Will Crist's Pilgrim on the 405 (Making California Thrive), and the Gill Cargill Sales Leadership program.

SCORE - Workshops
SCORE - Workshops

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping businesses grow and achieve success through education and mentorship.

I am a frequent present for SCORE Orange County. OC is the largest SCORE chapter in the US. It conducts over 300 educational programs which help businesses learn more on business and technology.

Microsoft MVP
Microsoft MVP

Microsoft selects only 700 specialized individuals in the United States as MVP. A MVP (Most Valueable Professional) is a technology export and contributor.

I am 1 of 24 designated in the U.S. Being a Microsoft MVP is a privilege to join other elite professionals to contribute and influence our industries technology direction.

Microsoft Worldwide Influencer
Microsoft Worldwide Influencer

Microsoft selects strategic and influencer partners to be a Worldwide Microsoft Partner Influencer. IT Innovators is 1 of 4 partners selected in the United States.

Influencers are engaged with Microsoft, partners and the industry driving direction and strategy.


Driving Attendance
Drive Attendance

I drive attendance to industry events & conferences. I can also help drive attendance to your event. Here are highlights of some of my engagements:

Nexgen Cloud Conference Drive attendance
ChannelPro SMB Forum Drive attendance
SMB Technology Network Drive attendance
SMB Nation / O365 Drive attendance
AVG / Level Platforms Roadshow Drive attendance
Trend Micro Roadshow Drive attendance
ConnectWise Aftershock Drive attendance

Event Hosting
Event Hosting

Our team are experts at hosting events. We have conducted over 70 events. We are ready to provide you a turnkey venue for your next event. You simply provide your speakers and attendees. It is ideal for a roadshow, event, training, etc.. We coordinate and provide the rest.

Our complete event solution includes:
  • Your dedicated event
  • Complete venue ideal for 50-150 attendees
  • The Stage, dual projector screens, lighting, DSM LCDs, and podium
  • Audio Visual includes the microphones, audio speakers, and projectors
  • Our AV team conducts the event
  • Room tables with linens & chairs
  • Gourmet donuts, Hot Lunch, mixer appetizers, snacks, music
  • Bartender, bar, alcohol drinks, beer and wine
  • Ultra-high-speed Internet; 50Mb+, cabled and wireless
  • Attendee name badges
  • Our team handles venue organization, complete setup, cleaning, teardown, and package shipping
  • Free parking included for all your attendees

Solution Provider Dinners
Solution Provider Dinners

Our team will hand select elite Solution Providers for your dinner. It's a perfect environment to deeper engage. You can share about your company, team and services.

Available to build deeper relationships are MSP's, Cloud, Security, VARs, and IT Professionals.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Email Marketing

My team and process delivers your marketing message to a massive national technology audience. We reach resellers, MSP's, VAR's, Cloud, Application Platform developers, ISV's, IT Pros and more. You can select our 100,000+ network distribution reach or in blocks of 1,000.

We can provide the campaign size, a one-time delivery or a drip email campaign that meets your needs.


Dave Seibert

I welcome us to talk together and build our momentum.

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