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  SMB TechFest is partnering with ProTier Peer Groups to bring you the best Peer Group experience.

ProTier Peer Groups provides partners with accelerated business growth. You will join an elite group of partners that share common goals to collaborate together, ignite their business, help & encourage each other, and share with you how to better prosper.

ProTier groups meet in-person in convenient local geographies. This minimizes your travel, expenses and time away from the office. They discuss pertinent business and technology topics that have great impact to their businesses. They set goals, learn from expert speakers, and from each other. In between meetings, they continue to mentor each other. The group also leverages its collaboration portal resource to shares documents, best practices, procedures and much more.

We want other great partners to join. Not all peer groups are the same. They are actually very different. That’s why some people choose to join more than one peer group. Reach out to us to learn what makes our peer groups one of the best.

ProTier Peer Groups - reserve your seat around the table

ProTier Peer Groups

Are you ready to join the right peer group and accelerate your IT business? Do you have the right “ingredients” to qualify? Here is an inventory checklist for yourself and your business. Review the list to help determine your readiness:

  • Ready to help others ignite their business more than expecting a “give to me” approach
  • Willing to share; documents, best practices, accomplishments, failures, strategies, and more
  • Self-structured to be able to work ON your business versus only IN your business
  • Able to meet quarterly in-person with your experienced peer group
    • Groups meet in non-competitive Geo-clusters; a regional radius of your location
  • Prepared to discuss both Business (topics) and Technology (not geek)
  • Ready to set meaningful goals and be accountable to accomplish them
  • Open to discuss and chart your business financials
  • Ready to ignite your business to its next level

If the above matches your “place in life” and you want to learn more, we want to hear from you.
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