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If you have not been to a recent SMB TechFest event, you may have questions about the value of your time, the event, and if you should attend.

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SMB TechFest Announces Q4 Awards
The Q4 partner voted award winners were Files.com, RapidFire, inSOC, and WatchGuard. The Best In Show was awarded to WatchGuard.

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" SMB TechFest allows me to learn in one day what it would take me all year to learn the hard-way. The expert speakers help save me from making errors that ordinarily would be found out the hard way."

-Dave Hansen, Beanstalk Computing

" Just the right mix of tech and business building presentations. An excellent value!! I will definitely come to future events."

-Jim Guzik, Spectrum Networks

" Great content. I have learned a boat load of new relevant information. My marketing will improve significantly."

-Jim Dombrowski, SoftData Consulting, Inc.

" January was my first SMB TechFest and it definitely won't be my last. The information and speakers were solid and definitely worth the time investment to checkout. Networking with companies in the area was fun as well seeing where partnerships can be made. I look forward to the next one and encourage anyone in the industry to attend!"

-Christopher Wing, Purely Cloud

" A great balance of topics for SMB. Excellent speakers with delivered information to better my business."

-Joseph Kwong, Inforcon Services Inc

" Invaluable topics and totally worth my 2 days. The content I learned & vendors I met were both worth it."

-Chuck Weiner, Computer Solutions

" Great event. Learned a lot about virtualization storage options and performance for servers. Taking that information bak to my company Monday to develop a DR plan."

-Eric Schrader, 6th Street Consulting

" Every time that I attend an SMB TechFest, I come away with knowledge that helps me serve my clients better. Today, I learned how to make Hyper-V work better, and to better secure my networks."

-Gregg Hill, Hill Network Services LLC

" SMB TechFest allows one to get out of their "bubble" and see what others are doing. It gets the juices flowing and new ideas then follow."

-Michael Paul, Innovative Computing Systems

" SMB TechFest was a terrific offering that was presented today. Especially enjoyed all presenters that were field hands-on experienced people that were very knowledgeable. Excellent tips offered gained from experience."

-Jon Claud, Pinto

" SMB TechFest mean learning, gaining experience, getting answers to perplexing challenges, network to exchange ideas, be wowed, and stay in sync with technologies trends."

-Alex Solares, PSAV

>" SMB TechFest consistently delivers high quality speakers and content! Excellent mix of technical, business development and marketing presentations. TechFest provides exposure to new products, vendors and the opportunity to network with my peers."

-Jim Guzik, Specturm Networks

" I really like getting out of my existing bubble and see groups of peers like me grappling with very similar problems. The solutions to these problems are invaluable to me and the experience I gained."

-Mike Pacl, Innovative Computer Systems

>" An industry that changes as fast as ours requires the quarterly updates and relationship building opportunities that SMB TechFest provides."

-Ed Hyde, Epic PC Services

" SMB TechFest is great for training on sales, marketing and technologies. I also met potential partners and vendors for my business."

-Tuan Do, Zealyx

" The energy I received from the speakers and the fire it lit within me was well worth the price of admission. Sometimes I feel like I get in a rut and the sessions helped "clear the path" for me to figure out what I need to do to grow my business. SMB TechFest events are filled with great information and attending it is best thing I can do for my business every quarter."

-Ed Bader, Company Built

" It was great learning modern trends in technology & applications and how it impacts our business today. And how to change my business to plan for tomorrow."

-Jeff Leite, Data Nukes

" The morning content alone was the best 4 hours I have heard in a long time. It gave me numerous ideas and actionable material to implement immediately to improve my business."

-Brian Leach, Bluewater Consulting Services

" A generous combination of technology topics and business building ideas. It was mixed with partner networking & credible food & drink. Best kept secret technology conference."

-D. Matt Hiler, Mosaic Networks

" SMB TechFest is two days packed full of new ideas and cross-pollination in a friendly and informal environment."

-Keith Weber, Commerce Technologies

" SMB TechFest is a great conference to meet companies in the area to partner with. Even more beneficial is the knowledge and content featured. Great event Dave!"

-Christopher Wing, Purely Cloud

" SMB TechFest is an event where I can re-energize by being with colleagues and focus on real business and technical challenges and solutions of today."

-Reggie Dones, SIG Technologies

" Excellent presentations and very informative for my business. Also receiving the recordings for programs we missed is great idea and value. Great tech, great learning, and great food. These events are key to my IT work. Thanks and I look forward to the next quarter event. "

-Dick Porter, Porter Group

" Great event. The topics and information presented is all relevant to issues my clients and I face. A terrific experience."

-Ray Rohoman, Xerex Network Technologies

" SMB TechFest combination of Business & Technical sessions makes the event very relevant and important to my business. I am now inspired to focus on LinkedIn, remote management and more. It was great to change focus of working in my business 24/7 and start working on my business."

-Tom Mills, SimpliTek Corp

" SMB TechFest is the best way to learn a large amount of information in a focused event. Face it, webinars just don't' give you what an in- person event like this delivers."

-Rimas Kaunes, ItekAccess

" Thank you as always for a well thought out and very well presented event. See you next event. "

-Marc Winger, Zephyr Networks

" Great presentations. Your speakers are top notch. GFI's presentation on the State of the Industry and its future trends was invaluable."

-Ivan Fernandez, SPN Networks

" SMB TechFest is an awesome event. This was my first time. The sales sessions were extremely informative. I learned a lot of great information that I'll be able to use in my business to grow further."

-David Anderson. PAcific Technology Services

" Even if your business is doing well & steadily growing, SMB TechFest is invaluable in educating you on the latest IT trends and solutions. For me, this was helpful in reassuring us that we're going in the right direction with our business."

-Shaun Smallwoode, Hero Tech Inc

" Great and valuable topics and information. I made a list of actable items to improve my business"

-Eddie Joffe, NetZoneTechnologies

" The SMB TechFest event was great to learn so much from leading industry experts on topics that are so important for any technology business. Great job!"

-Pete Robbins, Strata IT

" A valuable source of high impact, high value content pertinent and relevant to my MSP business."

-Jay Piz, 3DMentions

" Great topics that are directly relevant to consultants working with SMB owners."

-John Lowe, JALowePlays

" The sessions provide great information to improve my business. The IT Mixer time offers us an opportunity to meet with old friends and new people in the IT realm."

-Justin Sowa, Valorem Technology

" Because of SMB TechFest, my business world is expanded greatly. Even talking to partners at lunch will make my life better. Dave is a pivotal person that has changed my life forever."

-Mark Weiss, Yes Way, LLC

" This SMB TechFest event was my first. There were so many great topics that it was hard to keep up with them all. There were items that I'll be immediately implementing."

-Glen Johnson, Interstate Systems

" This is my 3rd SMB TechFest and every time I have come away with greater knowledge in the technologies I offer to my clients. Not only that but SMB TechFest gets my creative juices flowing on how to improve and grow my business."

-Rob Gordon, Gordon Technology

" Technical content was excellent and resources to further investigate were made available. Speakers communicated the materials in a compelling and entertaining manner. Look forward to the next TechFest."

-Ofer Shimrat, Soundoff Computing

" SMB TechFest is enough to make my head spin! Great presenters. This is like drinking from the firehose!"

-Jim Muglia, JMCCM

" I always get gold nuggets of information during SMB TechFest to help my clients to be more productive!"

-Bill Perry, Pertel Communications

" SMB TechFest is always a great learning experience. Well worth the time investment for the knowledge gained."

-John Scheich, Valencia Computer Solutions

" SMB TechFest give us the opportunity to see what others are doing and getting new ideas on how to deal with current issues we encounter. In one day you are able to gather information from various sources in one place."

-Hortencia Fletes-Avitia, Everest National

" My 2nd SMB TechFest. Great information and speakers. I look forward to the next one. I learn a lot."

-Alex Solares, PSAV

" Dave Seibert manages to find and attract first-rate speakers for TechFest—clear industry leaders in the areas they cover. No matter what market segment you are in, there is something very valuable to be gained from every presentation."

-Tom Mills, simpliTek

" After attending the SMB Tech Fest, I returned with an action list of about twelve items, and four new resource books to read.  The day was incredibly packed with the most useful information and resources I have seen in a long time.  The presenters were all Rock Stars in the SMB space. And the interaction and questions from the audience are just as informative and educational as the presenters themselves."

-Joy Beland, LA IT Girl, LLC

" As always, very well done. I think, more and more, the job we do is overwhelming with the expectation of knowledge is impossible. Thanks for trying to simplify this in the SMB marketplace."

-Kevin Gibb, Gibb Networking

" I've been to two SMB TechFests, and both have delivered information in a timeframe, I don't think I cold have received elsewhere."

-Dave McMullen, McMullen Consulting

" This was an outstanding collection of presenters. The most comprehensive presentations, and more useful information."

-Ron Wagner, Newport Networks

" I learned more in 1 day than the last 6 months."

-Baris Ratanjee, BareComp, Inc.

" e material covered at TechFest is immediately relevant to my business. But it doesn't stop there, every time, I get several tangent ideas, answers, and tools. Every time I attend TechFest, I feel like I've moved 3 steps forward!"

-Rimas Kaunas, Itek Access

" Excellent presentations! Immediately deployable information! From current experts active in their fields! I got ideas to immediately implement for several clients to make them more secure, more efficient, and save them moving forward and also increase my billing."

-Guy Rein, Newport Networks

" Where you learn stuff you would not have anywhere else. Where IT Pros get to ask questions."

-Cliff Beacham

" TechFest allows me to stay current with business and technology trends that allows me to better serve my clients. The knowledge that I get from the workshops help elevate my role in my client relationships to a trusted advisor."

-Reggie Dones, SIG Technologies

" SMB TechFest is more than just great training at a low cost…it is a way to recharge your battery. Many SMB consultants & owners run small firms, and having the chance to exchange ideas is invaluable."

-Steve Quinn, Benchmark Information Technology

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What your peers are saying...

" The audience was very knowledgeable and the presenters were even more, which makes SMB TechFest a very informative events."

-Juan Benavidez, Cingular Staffing

" Event was very well organized. Food was great, speakers were great, great conference, Dave!"

-Steven Lan, Scepture

" Great place to see multiple products & solutions in one setting."

-Doug Beskow, Zephyr Networks

" IT was great to attend an event where they weren’t just sales presentations. Real life technical demonstrations that I can apply right now."

-Jim Savage, Savage and Associates